Sucker-punch dream
Mood: tired
Posted on 2010-04-08 08:06:00
Tags: dreams
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I was very stressed last night about various things, so my brain decided to reward me with the following dream:

We were in DC for a pro-health care rally (which hadn't passed yet) and after some speeches we decided to explore the Capitol building. The way to get around was to take the automated boats (awesome, right?), so I did that a few times on my own to see different parts of the building.

Then we were all going to meet to talk to our representative (who was a woman, unlike in real life) and try to convince her to vote for health care, which we assumed would be futile but worth a shot. Right after taking the last boat and starting to walk to her office, I reached down and realized that my wallet was missing!

I freaked out and knew that it had probably fallen in the river and was panicking when I woke up, heart pounding. I had a very strong urge to check my shorts and make sure my wallet was still there, but after a few seconds common sense and the fact that it was cold outside the covers won out...

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