final musical notes
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Posted on 2008-08-11 09:17:00
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notes...get it? (BOOs from offstage) ...Hmm, didn't like that one, huh?

I woke up a bit cranky and tired for our last two shows yesterday, and despite having a nice relaxing time in the guy's dressing room was kinda meh even up until the overture. (it didn't help that the audience, not even applauding at the end of the overture, sounded pretty dead) Once we got going, though, I felt really comfortable and the show went really well, probably our best one of the run. (the audience did laugh some, but they made us work for it!) The next show also went really well, and our wonderful crew was striking the set even as the show was going on. It was pretty weird having fewer and fewer props backstage every time I left the stage :-) We finished striking the set and a nice cast party followed at Spaghetti Warehouse.

Thanks to all y'all who could make it - it really makes it more exciting to have people you know in the audience.

All in all, I had a good time - the best part is at the end, when the lines and blocking and music and choreography is pretty rock-solid and I can really try to channel my character. I had a rougher time at rehearsals this year than usual, possibly due to the compressed schedule. Also, my feet still hurt and there may be something wrong with my left big toe (hurts to walk without shoes).

Next up - vacation with my family in Maine from Wednesday-Saturday!

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