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Posted on 2007-11-29 10:19:00
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I had some weird dreams last night (didn't sleep well). The one that just popped to mind was one where djedi and I were walking through a parking lot and there were some Boy Scouts. It was a busy parking lot (we were waiting to take a cab somewhere) and in a group were 5 or 6 Hispanics, and one Boy Scout called them "illegal immigrants", which really bothered me so as I walked by I hit him in the nose and pretended it was an accident. Then I felt really bad, because hey, he's just a kid. Later I 'fessed up to djedi.

Then we took a cab except there was no cab so it was a school bus and a 90 year old woman decided to drive all of us places. Then she drove 85 mph through a construction zone, swerved off the side of the road, and suddenly we were in free-fall. I said "I love you" to djedi before we were going to die, except at this point I was starting to realize that this was a dream and I "woke up", and then we went to a school class in this huge office building and everyone else was turning in their book reports and I had read my book but not written a report, so I panicked.

I've read somewhere that describing your dreams is pointless because it always comes out muddled and senseless. They can be kinda interesting though :-)

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Comment from djedi:

aww, I love you too. And hitting that jerk boy scout was ok. :)

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