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Posted on 2007-09-29 00:05:00
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We're making real progress here - furniture is set up, and we have most of the essentials (toiletries, a sleeping bag to sleep on the bed, computers, TiVo, etc.), but there are still lots of boxes to unpack. It is starting to feel more like home, though. Pictures will come (as will some sort of party) when the boxes are gone.

Allergies have been hitting me hard for the last few days. They come and go seemingly randomly throughout the day. Nose running is bad, although feeling sweaty all over is much worse. The dust with the boxes isn't helping, I'd imagine.

We used Bekins for the move. Our stuff got here Wednesday which was really fast, much faster than we had expected. (only a week after they packed and loaded it!) We lost a table lamp along the way, and an alarming number of mugs were broken. The boxes weren't in great shape - a few had been torn open and such, worse than normal wear and tear that I would expect. (and worse than on the move up there) The couch got a little scratched up (how did this happen when it was wrapped in tape?), the desks are a little more flimsy (the entertainment center, which we're getting rid of, borders on dangerous), and the washer was apparently resting on the washer hoses because they're both bent out of shape and don't seal. Maybe this is more in line with a "normal"'s just that on the move up (with the same company), everything seemed in the same condition that we left it in. Oh well.

djedi shipped his car with Dependable Auto Shippers and arrived quickly, without scratches, and they were even washing it when we pulled up!

As I was driving around over the past few days, I saw the following billboard:

We think rush hour is a misleading term.
We think like you think. Time Warner Cable
Now, ads are dumb, but this seems to reach a whole new level of dumb. It took me a minute to realize the first line was unrelated to anything Time Warner. (is "rush hour" supposed to be some sort of internet thing?) But after that, I'm supposed to think of Time Warner as all buddy-buddy with me? Which cable company would you prefer to have a beer with?

The cable company is not a person. If they want to have an ad campaign saying they "focus on customer service" or they "embrace new technology", at least you can pretend that that idea started somewhere real and the marketing is just reflecting that. Or their ads could be based on their product, like "now with 33% more downloading speed than the leading internet provider!", and even if it's not true at least you can imagine that it might be true. I can't imagine anything - anything done for real that could cause this ad campaign to be true.

Looking at (what would a stupid ad campaign be with a stupid website?), the gist seems to be they have products that you might like. Or maybe there's a more subtle point, but I can't be bothered to take the time to watch all the stupid movies and demos.

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