for a monday, things are pretty good
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Posted on 2007-08-06 12:59:00
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wonderjess and friends came down to visit for the weekend, and Friday and a lot of Saturday was spent painting DC red. We toured the US Capitol and went to the top of the Washington Monument, as well as lots of other things. I'll put pictures up sometime this week. At night we watched old Square One episodes. (search for "Square One" on YouTube and you'll find lots of good sketches :-) )

Played some WoW on Saturday and got Rilinar (my old priest on Alleria) up to 61. It took a while to remember to watch the health bars and not the mob's health, but I still do enjoy healing.

Yesterday we were both feeling kinda blah, and it would have been perfect to have someone over or go over to a friend's place. Instead I programmed some Haskell and eventually we rented and watched the first Die Hard, which I hadn't seen. Good movie!

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Comment from djedi:

Yeah, it was tons of fun but I"m still worn out.

Wow on Maiev is quiet; WoW on Alleria is a bunch of strangers; and in neither place can we raid Kara yet! Grr.

Yeah, yesterday having someone(s) over to hang would have been perfect, I agree. Esp since we've been so busy lately, it'd have been a nice way to socialize/keep in touch with people.

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