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Posted on 2007-04-20 13:02:00
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Who's to blame for the Virginia Tech massacre. A helpful guide. (via kottke, yet again)

I think I believe that God doesn't control the world/our lives on such a low level as to determine the weather, etc., and I don't think He "made this happen" as some sort of punishment for something.

How to beat that traffic ticket. Am I alone in guides like this irritating me? It seems the point is to find any technicality ("Scott McCoy, a driver from northern California, recently beat a ticket by filing motions until he found erroneous paperwork.") to avoid punishment for something that you did. (obviously this is different if you weren't actually speeding) Taking responsibility for your actions FTW. (I might feel differently after getting a ticket)

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Comment from llemma:

I totally agree with you -- then again, for what it's worth, I get unreasonably angry with people who let their dogs run off leash on public trails.

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