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a little discouraged
Mood: tentative
Posted on 2006-10-21 13:32:00
Tags: netflixprize
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Since my last jubilant entry I've fallen off of the leaderboard, and the highest RMSE on the leaderboard is .9668 as of right now, which means getting on has become pretty difficult. My latest attempt at user correlations is still running (it's a lot slower to predict ratings because it has to load a file for every prediction) and it doesn't look like the RMSE is going to be very good (1.035 and it's a little less than halfway done).

I have a few tweaks and one more big idea to try, but they're going to take time, and more time means harder to make it on the leaderboard. Still gonna take a shot at it, but I guess I'm less optimistic than I was before. Oh well.

On a random note, I was just at the gym, and a woman two down from me had the TV on to a cooking show. Granted, it seemed like it was vaguely healthy cooking, but it still seems a little self-defeating :-)


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