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Posted on 2006-11-01 09:29:00
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Last night djedi and I went down to Fell's Point in Baltimore for Halloween festivities. Met up with his boss and we wandered the streets for a while. It was fun! Lots and lots of people there, and lots of good costumes. Off the top of my head, I remember seeing two different Duffmans, two Homers, Mario and Luigi, the Three Musketeers (who I had seen earlier at work!), Rainbow Brite(sp?), Jem, a bag of Jelly Bellys, Christopher Reeve (a guy in a wheelchair with a Superman costume...clever or tasteless?). I even saw Aqua Teen Hunger Force! (I took a picture - we'll see how it turns out) We also saw no less than four people wearing wall clocks as a necklace - like Flava Flav back in the day, right? Anyone know why this was so popular? It was very odd...

Also, we had our first ever trick-or-treaters! Our apartment complex had distributed bags with a few pieces of candy and instructions to "hang the necklace on the door" if you wanted trick-or-treaters. We're still confused by this, as (I can't stress this enough) a plastic bag is not a necklace! But we carved a pumpkin and put the fake candle-like light giving object that came with the carving kit inside (irritatingly it doesn't stay lit up but blinks, and not too frequently either) so apparently this was enough for these parents and kids to knock on our door. (although they mentioned the thing about the necklace...)

I'm still working on the Netflix Prize - I implemented a new scheme that used both movies and users, and ran it, and it did no better than using just movies (.98 or so - stopped it before it was done). So I tweaked some of the parameters and had it look at 8000 similar movies instead of just 300. This means it's going to take like 10 days to run completely. If that doesn't work I'll probably give up for good. Oh well!

I'm feeling a bit achy and such today - hope I'm not getting sick. Might be allergies, but it's hard to say.

Nintendo announced the games available on the Wii Virtual Console - looks like good stuff!


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