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bad mood friday!
Mood: pissed off
Music: Jimmy Eat World - "Cautioners"
Posted on 2006-01-20 15:39:00
Words: 173

I'm really having a pretty bad day here. I stayed up late working on the guild mod, so I was tired today, then was late to work because I was trying to fix some email computer problems (doesn't affect my main email), which I was unable to do. Then like three more things I worked on didn't work, the details of which I don't really feel like going into. Then I got a soda and cookie to cheer me up, which helped somewhat, although presumably isn't so good for the diet. *sigh*

Anyway, things are looking up a tiny bit, although still well below par for a Friday. But I have good music on, which helps. Ooh, the piano Zelda theme! That's good.

Since I'm in a bad mood, you only get one link: The ahhhhhh page (much like The Aargh Page) - the patterns on this one are more interesting, I think. (although the color scheme seems a bit confusing to me for some reason)

Hope everyone else is having a nice Friday :-)


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