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this is getting ridiculous
Mood: overwhelmed
Posted on 2008-01-04 16:21:00
Tags: house
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I know they're just trying to sell the house, but a 2675 sq ft is not "cozy". "Ginormously huge" would be more accurate.


baby news
Mood: overwhelmed
Posted on 2006-04-23 08:42:00
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liz_gregory and Britton had their baby! Peter William Gregory was born at 5:27 PM on April 21, 2006. Britton's blog has more information and will have updates - I've created the LJ account brittonblog to syndicate the blog, so add it as a friend if you're interested!

In other baby news, krikwennavd and onefishclappin are expecting. Congrats! Ack, babies everywhere!


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