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Mood: optimistic!
Music: OutKast - "War"
Posted on 2005-05-12 10:45:00
Words: 290

I'm back in the LJing mood, at least for now. I think that's a good thing!

Last night, I put up pictures from the showers last weekend. You may notice the google ads at the top of the page. I put them up on a whim, since it's so easy to sign up for. Just thought I'd see what it was like. I'll probably take them down in a week or so. But it is nice to have a sort of page counter...maybe I should just get a real page counter instead. :-)

wildrice13 came over last night and we watched some TV and then he and djedi played some FFX-2 while quijax alternately read, watched, and then played a few games of DVONN (although only the last one was played with the correct rules - my mistake!). It's a good abstract strategy game, if you like those sorts of things. Which I generally do.

Work's going pretty well, which is neat. I had my last robolab volunteering yesterday, and I had fun. And they gave me a nice card and gift card to Bookpeople, which was really nice. I was kinda hesitant about doing it next year, but now I kinda think I will. Especially that I'll be a little more comfortable with both the lego stuff and dealing with kids. And I could use more experience dealing with kids anyway - I'm really not very good at it.

I did the Set Daily Puzzle in 32 seconds today! I was (and am) a little wired from my morning tea. quijax and djedi and I did a few crossword puzzles yesterday, which was good fun.

And I'm under 3000 songs to rate on my iPod. So, all in all, a good day!


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