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Christmas is nigh
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Posted on 2007-12-10 10:09:00
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I finished my WoW arena rating graph. The neat part is being able to see statistics (we are much worse against teams with 1 mage than teams with no mages, etc.) and select criteria to get specific results.

I put some Christmas pictures up (getting the tree for my parents house and our tree), as well as a puzzle David and Miriam did. (penguins!)

Sunday we went Christmas shopping for 3.5 hours, hitting 8 stores plus the mall. It was crazy. I'm beginning to understand feeling overwhelmed at the holidays. We did get gifts for a good chunk of the people we need to, though.

I added an iTunes playlist containing the first song from every album. It turns out I rate the first song on each album an average of .4 higher (see the analysis - "First tracks" average rating is 3.86, "Music" average rating is 3.47), which I found interesting!


quick hits - bam!
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Posted on 2005-11-29 09:00:00
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In this post are thoughts about vacation and the week ahead. Go!

As djedi mentioned, we saw both Rent and Serenity on vacation. Rent was quite good - I haven't seen the musical although I had heard a few songs from it. It was neat just watching a musical in the movie theatre - I'm sure it's not quite as good, but it's much cheaper and more convenient. I had read a Salon review that really didn't like it, but after re-reading the review I realize that thre reviewer doesn't really like the musical, and she doesn't like Chris Columbus (the director). Don't send a non-sports fan to review a baseball game!

My only real complaint was that the background music was a bit overpowering in some of the songs, and it made "Santa Fe" (the original of which I really like) sound fairly different. Also, Jesse L. Martin (IMDB, IBDB (IMDB for Broadway!)) was quite good. And his voice is amazing, as you might expect.

Serenity was pretty good the second time, but we saw it in a sketchy theatre where we were the only ones there, except for a guy sitting in the back who left 45 mins from the end. Oh well.

Anyway, the weekend went pretty well, and we cut down our Christmas tree and put it up and decorated it. Unfortunately, I left my camera at Britton and Liz's so I couldn't take pictures. Oh well - I'll be sure to get some when I go down for Christmas!

Game night was fun at wildrice13's last night - unfortunately my allergies were bad most of yesterday. They weren't horrible, but enough to make me feel kinda blah. Played a good game of Settlers, and then I talked to onefishclappin about their house and being sick and stuff. (the previous sentence is so she can remember :-P )

Ugh, I'm not good at writing self-evaluations.

I've been in a weird music mood lately - not excited about listening to my iPod, which makes Pandora good, except then I feel compelled to decide whether or not I like each song so it can get good feedback. And that's "stressful" in a weird way too.

I upgraded my Gallery installation yesterday, so check out the new look! Everything still works as far as I know, but if you find something not working, drop me a line.

Busy weekends ahead - next weekend we're going down to djedi's folks, and the weekend after we're going back down to my folks to see Revels.

Arrested Development is high-larious. We borrowed Season 2 to watch. Good stuff!

Aaaand I'm spent. (thanks, austin powers!)


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