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unsurprisingly, I don't actually have meningitis
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Posted on 2007-11-22 23:26:00
Tags: health
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Happy Thanksgiving!

So, yeah. My neck feels almost all better today.


taco wrap! RIP marvin zindler. twitter!
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Posted on 2007-08-02 12:54:00
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I had a taco wrap for lunch! It was exactly as awesome as you would imagine. Mmm.

As Stanton mentioned, Marvin Zindler passed away. Iconic quotes: "Slime in the ice machine!" and "Marvin Zindler, Eyewitness News" (.wav files)

As a general reminder, I've been posting random links and stuff on twitter.


dinner and rain
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Posted on 2005-05-30 22:07:00
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Just got back from dinner - we went to this really cool place called Seasons 52. It's so named because part of the menu changes weekly (and the rest of the menu changes seasonally - it switches from Spring to Summer tomorrow!) It was reasonably priced and very good (and all main dishes are under 475 calories, which is a neat idea). For dessert they have "Mini Indulgences" which are cheap, very small (fit inside a small glass), and quite good.

Unfortunately it's lightning and thundering pretty heavily right now (although only raining off and on) - hopefully it'll blow over tonight, but I kinda doubt it. We'll see!


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