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following through on a promise: links!
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Posted on 2011-08-31 14:00:00
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- Why Summer Vacations (and the Internet) Make You More Productive - especially, I'm guessing, for creative-type jobs.

- Do property rights increase freedom? (Japan edition) - interesting story of a "libertarian's paradise" in Tokyo, where taxes are (presumably?) lower but there are few free roads, parks, and benches. While this might sound more fair in theory, having to constantly decide whether it's worth buying a coffee you don't really want to sit down is exhausting. This reminds me a lot of the ice cream book and how making choices is mentally taxing.

- Van Gogh's Paintings Get Tilt-Shifted - a very cool way of changing the focus of paintings! (b/w/o @hujhax)

- The Future of webOS: What it Could Have Been... - juicy details about, among other things, slab-style phones that were cancelled because they took too long.

- Why most people don't finish video games - short version: as gamers get older, they have less time. So publishers are shrinking the size of single-player campaigns, which is fine with me. If I get as much enjoyment out of a 10 hour game than a 20 hour one, hooray!

- A Super Mario Bros version of Portal?! - it's Mario with a portal gun! And it's going to be playable!


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