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Posted on 2006-06-09 13:48:00
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I'm having one of those days (really, one of those "last few days") where things are going very well (codewise). I left work yesterday with a mysterious problem, and solved it quickly this morning (my idea of what the problem was was right on, just needed a little more tweaking), which is always a good feeling. Also, I had a large mocha this morning, so I've reached a state of higher consciousness.

Nachos for lunch (not just nachos, mind you, but suuuuper nachos!) is awesome. Nachos for dinner (as I did at the astros game last week) is also good.

Inspired by the baseball books I've been reading, I present the expected runs per inning finder. There isn't a whole lot of data, but it's rather interesting. For example, if you have a runner on first with no outs, you never want to sacrifice him to second - the probability of having a zero-run inning goes from 57.6% to 59.3%. Sacrifices in general usually aren't worth it on a runs scored per inning basis, although they can be if you really just need a run.

From a technical standpoint, I used XPath for the first time, and got it to work with IE and Firefox without too much trouble. I also added more Retrosheet data to both the expected runs per inning finder and the Win Expectancy Finder.

The Texas Pride Festival is tomorrow in Austin. I'll be there!

Thank you, namaste, and good luck.


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