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Most large chains have the cooks and greeters on salary, but I have seen/worked at palces where both have been tipped( In the last 2 years, TGI Fridays, where my bro works, has switched their greeters to tips and back again).

Thr history of tipping is a long an complicated story. The reasons are pretty far from the origional roots.

Short version:
Started off as a "keep the change" kinda thing. It was also the "bribes" given to people at swanky places (for a good table etc.)

Later lower income places actually started deducting from pay becasue of tips (up here in RI bas pay for a waiter is $2.65 plus tips an hour).

At some point it became a flat %, so people knew what to put down... However, it isn't illegal not to tip. Instead of extra $ now it is a majority of proplr's income, so we feel bad. In reality is it just an excuse for companies to not have to pay their employees. The next step is on the horizon.

The new Minimum wage "compromise" bill from the W crowd in congress actually takes away that local $2.65. Provision states, that if the employee is owed that money only if their total pay (pay + tips)is less than min. wage. So if The waiter makes $5.75? (I think that is what min. wage is here.)the company doesn't have to pay the $2.65 because the waiter has "made min wage" through tips.

Effectively, in tip jobs, the Reppys revoked the $2.00 over 4 years they added. In my state, everyone on tip jobs actually loses $0.65 /hour by having minimum wage raised, if it passes.

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