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I don't mean to be so sentimental, but I'm working on my thesis at rice university's school of architecture and a friend pointed me to the site which i found immensely useful for my work. I noticed that you went to rice also so maybe my project will make sense to you. In a sentence, I'm trying to enable the residents of my ever-changing neighborhood in houston to write their own urban history as they go, as an alternative to the more rigid place identities that already exist for the city (montrose, museum district, the heights....etc.). It seems only appropriate that a city built on the sum of many many uncoordinated individual decisions have a model for explaining it's history that is not based on a grand overarching narrative, but something more adaptable to all of the fast changes that occur here everyday.

anyhow, i suppose google maps is an open source thing but I'd love to get your advice on how a non-hacker like myself might incorporate google maps into the website for my project.

thanks for any help you can give-
eric leshinsky

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