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I am in agreement that the Reddit comment thread about big butts is the best comment thread in the history of Reddit, at least for as long as I have been browsing the site (~ 1 year).

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New Balance shoes are great. The New Balance store is the one shoe store I trust to carry shoes that are the right width for me.

And when it comes to putting them on, put me in the "crammer" camp. If I can't afford a new pair every year or so, I need to cut back on other things. There's nothing quite like a new pair of shoes that fits just right.

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Her response is disappointing but not surprising. I'm at least glad that's she's reduced to disagreeing with a Pentagon report based on anecdotal evidence...

Translation: My senator is a moron, but at least she's a determined moron.

Of course, things could be worse - you could have John McCain and Jon Kyl.

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I spent a couple of days thinking that there must surely be an easier way to do this problem. I think I've found it.

By symmetry, the expected number of home conflicts is equal to the expected number of "road conflicts" (weeks in which both teams choose to play on the road). So it suffices to find the expected number of weeks in which both teams will choose the same thing (both home, or both road).

Suppose that each team represents its choices as a string of H's and A's (for Home and Away). I'll use n = 4 as an example.


In this case, there is a total of 6 conflicts. But there is a complementary, and equally likely, outcome in which T's choices lead to 8 - 6 conflicts:


More generally, if we fix B's choices, for any choice T makes that leads to k conflicts, there is a complementary choice that T can make that will lead to 2n - k conflicts. So the average over each pair of complementary choices is n conflicts, which means that the average over all pairs is n conflicts.

So the expected number of home conflicts is one-half that, or n/2.

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Not really responsive to the topic of the article, but I think Atul Gawande is one of the greatest minds of our time, and the way he writes about his area of expertise is one-of-a-kind.

And I agree with what he says here.

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The thing I didn't get about the OKCupid post: where did they get the income distribution? Is that the income distribution reported by the U.S. Census Bureau or something? Because I think the income distribution on OKCupid would be quite different from that for the U.S.

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All the liberal Supreme Court justices are retiring because Obama is in office. They know that they can retire now and expect to be replaced by like-minded justices. Scalia, Thomas and co. will try to hold out at least until the pendulum swings back the other way, probably in 2012. It is sad that we have a system that encourages everybody to hope for something terrible and unexpected to befall the justices we don't like, but that's exactly what we have right now.

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After getting home from ARML, I sometimes feel so dingy that it seems worthwhile to take two showers, back to back.

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The part about taxes alone convinces me that I don't need to read this trash. "Rich dad gets rich by taking advantage of other people" is something I could have figured out by conjecture alone.

Thanks for your thorough review.

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If you're waiting for your guy Rich Rod to come out and take a difficult stand in favor of all that is good and decent, please let me borrow FFXIII while you are holding your breath.

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I have promised myself that I will purchase a PS3 and FFXIII as soon as I finish my initial draft of the dissertation. Pages are getting churned out at a ridiculous rate right now.

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Two predictions:

1. If Obamacare passes, it seals Obama's already very likely fate as a one-term president...

2. And Obama will still be regarded by many as the best president since Kennedy, if not since FDR.

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His bio says he's Palestinian. Unless that means he is from Palestine, Texas, I don't like his chances. Being a Palestinian 9/11 truther really doesn't help.

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Is there anything that is actually correct in the American Express e-mail?

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Sorry about the anonymous comment - that was me. Forgot that I wasn't logged in.

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Apparently this Homosexual Declaration of War was a satirical piece that somebody wrote and printed somewhere. Reprinting a satirical essay as a straight-faced essay = fail.

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