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I forgot I was on the beta. I am now an official customer of Stoll Inc. I demand more features and an undying love of android! ;)

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I think Amazon can set your price to free as their featured app of the day. I'm not sure how it works out for the developer, it does get your app in the top 10 for a week or so. I have to imagine that exposure sells some copies.

I think getting on the amazon market will be a win as the Fire comes out.

I don't browse the app market at all. If there is something I need I'll do a general google search, but most of my apps come from lifehacker recommendations.

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I'd be interested in reading this. Sounds pretty awesome.

I would have also tried to mock David Blaine a bit if I hadn't seen his Tedmed talk which was weird but interesting...

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I found that more people appreciate it than immediately drop friendship. The kinds of things that cause a friendship cut off are religion, sexual orientation, etc...and generally people who can't handle honesty in those areas don't start as great friends to begin with. Though the once instance I can think of where it broke off a friendship for me was relationship advice mixed with religion ;)

The lying by omission is interesting. I have that sort of dynamic going with my family. If they asked if I was still religious I wouldn't lie, but I don't advertise it. I'm pretty sure they all know by now, and they just know not to ask if they don't want to hear it. It's like the don't ask/don't tell policy for family and friendly acquaintances. (You can decide what it says about me that I lump family and friendly acquaintances in the same bucket)

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I've worked on eliminating lies from both of those 2 categories in my life. I've found the results liberating..but a bit of a double edged sword. The result tends to be that people say "he tells it like it is" or "he's an jackass". Bottom line is some people appreciate the transparency and honesty, and they will value it while others don't and they will avoid you like the plague :)

It's actually a really tough thing to stick to, and I've lost friends over it, but every time I feel like I did the right thing. When someone asks my opinion or for my advice...even if they are just looking for reassurance, then I am going to give them my honest opinion and viewpoint even if it isn't what they want to hear.

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