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Comment on post a few quick pre-India links: tea steeping strategies, NFL fans analysis, SimCity:

- That "Tea Chemist" who responded... awesome stuff! Very thorough.
- The more I hear about Apple, the more I dislike them :-/ I used to just be apathetic.
- I love visualizations of data! The NFL thing was very cool.
- I used to love SimCity but got overwhelmed when it became so complicated. Kinda the same way I liked Civ4 & 5 a lot, but didn't end up playing much because I felt like I couldn't master it without spending more time than I was willing to dedicate.
- Reading this kind of thing makes me wonder. I know spy activities go on constantly between nations not at war, and most are fairly benign even if they are undesirable. But the references in there to Chinese military attacks on American defense contractors? Where is the line for aggressive action anymore, or even an act of war? Clearly it's different in the cyber-realm than for physical actions. Should it be?
- Heh. Yeah, when something starts to be a part of why you're losing, you start wishing it would just go away. Pretty natural reaction, but like you said a pretty big turnaround.
- I'd seen this article linked several times and had been avoiding it, but I'm glad I read it this time. Makes me think a lot better of Dan Cathy and Chick-fil-a, though I still think he's misguided.
- Awesome. I wish everywhere were like this. It's just not the big deal that people are making it out to be! Often it's just a lack of contact with "queer" people that makes people think otherwise.
- Yes! I saw Wreck-It Ralph and loved "Paperman"! Glad to hear it's nominated.
- Sorry to have a downer on the last note, but that's where it is in the list: I was actually not that impressed with this ad. It didn't really resonate with me. Maybe because the happier times in my life came after the 90s? Or at least, started in the later 90s. Or maybe it was just that I didn't buy the tie between the nostalgia and their ad campaign.

This is Andrew E, btw. When I said to leave a comment with Google it created a whole other account. Maybe I'll see about trying to recover my wildrice13 account at some point...

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