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accomplishments this weekend
Mood: accomplished
Posted on 2008-02-25 10:14:00
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- Voted! (FYI: the Northcross Mall location is closed because of construction, but there's another place around the corner. Northcross is the mall that's on Anderson, right? I get that and Highland Mall confused.)

- Picked up my laptop with a new keyboard. It works! Check plus for service at the Apple Store.

- Went to fairydust1's game night, which was fun and relaxing.

- Took out the sink in our house in preparation for new countertops Friday. (taking the day off to wait for them) Cleaned the bathrooms and we even touched up the paint in the living room.

- djedi installed Ubuntu on his laptop and we (after only two hours!) got wireless working. (hint for future: use ndiswrapper, and don't forget to modprobe wlan0!)

- Finally fixed my stupid Django problem. (hint for future: if you need an int, use int())

- Set up cable/internet at the house for Friday.

- Played hours of the new Smash Bros, which may make the actual release less exciting, but that's OK. It were fun.

Things to do this week:

- Host game night Wednesday
- Set up homeowner's association automatic payment
- Get a car charger for my phone, which even though it's new barely lasts for two days between charges.
- Make some progress on non-work projects. Think about setting up a map of good lunch places.
- Watch more Lost? I dunno.

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public service announcement: *salmon is an AIM bot
Mood: suspicious
Posted on 2008-02-25 10:27:00
Words: 64

Seconds after I posted, I got an IM from a user named favoredsalmon. Searching found these entries showing it to be a bot of some kind, so it's probably best to ignore it.

I've also gotten a few IMs from bots saying "your friends-only posts are publicly available" with a link that crashes Firefox (and probably does horrible things to IE). Be ye wary!


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