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shirts I want, internet options
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Posted on 2007-10-23 10:46:00
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Dumbledore is gay! And shirts to match.

I still want this WiFi detector shirt but I feel a little bad spending money when none's coming in yet.

Speaking of computer stuff, we have Internet through Time Warner and it seems to go down reasonably often. But not really down - often just resetting the cable modem will restore things to normal. Hence my idea for a robot that can detect when I can't reach the Internet (easy) and reset the cable modem (hard unless there's some software way to do it, which I doubt).

So I looked into alternatives. Grande Communications doesn't recognize our address, AT&T/SBC/Yahoo/whatever DSL doesn't service our address, and Verizon DSL (I hate Verizon because of how difficult it was to cancel local phone service in MD, but whatever) finds a lot of different streets named Austin (our street is Austin Center Blvd) in various cities around here even though I put in the freaking zip code. GG verizon. So I guess we're stuck until I build a robot or someone reminds me of some other company I forgot.

Very stuck on simulations in clue solver, going to try to let it go for a few days and come back to it. Frustrating because I'm so close to done.

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house-buying tips
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Posted on 2007-10-23 14:50:00
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It is gorgeous weather outside!

Since our apartment will be converting into condominiums at some point in the undetermined-yet-apparently-not-too-distant future, we're looking into buying a house. (or at least pricing houses so we can compare, but more likely actually buying a house) Obviously we've never done this before, but here's what we think we know:

- Rough estimate of size, location (north of here but not too far), and dollar amounts that we're happy to spend and able to spend. I've checked on trulia and they seem reasonable enough.
- A list of things about the house that are important (storage space, etc., etc.)
- ???

You'll notice this is not a long list. Do we start with a buyer of some sort and tell them this and have them suggest houses to look at? Do we talk to the bank first about a mortgage or is that after we have a house in mind? What other important questions don't I even know to ask? Help!


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