Posts on February 15, 2005

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Music: Outkast - "Happy Valentine's Day"
Posted on 2005-02-15 09:09:00
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David and I saw "Hitch" this weekend with some friends. I had read mixed reviews, but I do like Will Smith a lot, so we thought we'd give it a shot (and there doesn't seem to be a whole lot good showing right now...). Anyway, it was a good movie - I'm usually not huge on romantic comedies, but this was quite funny. Also, I like Will Smith (did I mention that? :-) )


paranormal stuff
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Posted on 2005-02-15 14:38:00
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So I stumbled upon this article today. The title is a bit sensationalistic, but the article is actually pretty interesting. The Global Consciousness Project even has a website where you can look at their data. I haven't read through all of it, but here is a list of events that they have "registered". I'm really not sure quite what to make of it...


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