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The Golden Gate Bridge!

This page is for people who want to learn how to play bridge, people who already know how and want to improve, and everyone else! Note: this page is under construction, so come back when I finish!
5/13/98 - I got word today that my page has been selected as a Featured Page on GeoCities! Thanks to GeoCities and all of you for making this possible!
Rules of Bridge
Part 1: Bidding
Part 2: Playing out the Hand
Point Count
Mathematics of Bridge
Dictionary of Terms
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Just want to show you this hand I was dealt today(9/11/97):
A Q 7 2 A K Q 3 A 2 A K Q
All in all, 28 points and 9 honors!

Greg's java page
Greg's home page
American Contract Bridge League Home Page
Gilbert T. Schwob's Home Page is a bridge/home page with some interesting conventions.
Alex & Greg's Master of Orion 2 Page
OKBridge is a place to play bridge over the Internet. The first 30 days are free, so try it!
Here's a copy of the Standard American Yellow Card bidding system.
Blue Chip Bridge looks like a very impressive program!
The Internet Bridge Archive contains many other bridge sites and bridge programs.
Bridge Player Live is another online bridge club.
David Stevenson's Bridge Page has many good articles, stories, conventions, etc.
E-mail me at with comments, suggestions, and bridge questions! I'll mail you back as soon as I can.
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