Deadwood (1999)

Players: 3-8 (Best for 5-6, Recommended for 4-8)

Playing time: 45 minutes

Rating on BoardGameGeek: 5.68983

Description: The world's worst "hack" actors gather on the set of the latest western from Deadwood Studios. All the special roles are up for grabs, "Man falling off roof", "Crying Woman", "Stagecoach Driver" and "Dead Man". Yes, they're all available and, if you're good enough (ie. you progress up the "hack-levels" represented by the changing numbers on your character's die), you may even get to play that complicated character part "Rear-end of Horse"! The higher budget the scene that you're in has, the more takes needed to wrap it up, but the more money you'll get for your part at the end of it. So do you take that "big role", or just the small parts (in the hope that your dollar a take salary builds up)?


1999 Origins Award Nominee: Best Abstract Board Game
1999 Listed in GAMES Magazine's GAMES 100

Mechanics: Dice Rolling, Area Movement

Categories: Movies/TV/Radio theme, American West, Dice

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