Lord of the Rings - Friends & Foes (2001)

Players: 2-5 (Best for 4, Recommended for 2-5)

Playing time: 90 minutes

Rating on BoardGameGeek: 7.16164

Description: This expansion to the Lord of the Rings board game adds two new scenario boards (Bree and Isengard), 13 new feature cards and 3 new Gandalf cards. It also adds two completely new features to the game: Foe cards which add a major new aspect to the game; and Character Ability cards which give each character a unique one-shot ability.

Expanded by

The Black Gate / Das Schwarze Tor
A small 4 card package. Given away free at cons/fairs or gamestores.
Freely printable from the Reiner Knizia Cool Stuff webpage or the files section below.

Mechanics: Co-operative Play, Variable Player Powers, Modular Board

Categories: Fantasy, Adventure, Expansion for Base-game

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