Give Me the Brain! (1996)

Players: 3-8 (Best for 3-4, Recommended for 3-6)

Playing time: 30 minutes

Rating on BoardGameGeek: 5.72002

Description: Working in fast-food is hell. All the employees are zombies, and you can't find a single brain amongst them. Except for the brain part - there is, in fact, one brain - that's the premise of Give Me the Brain!, a card game in which players take on the roles of zombies in a fast-food restaurant in hell. They all have to complete a number of tasks before leaving work, and the work keeps piling on. Even worse, some of the tasks require basic intelligence and there's only one brain to go around.

Mechanics: Action Point Allowance System, Hand Management, Auction/Bidding

Categories: Card Game, Zombies

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