Cranium Pop 5 (2006)

Players: 4-12 (Best for 8, Recommended for 6,8,10,12)

Playing time: 45 minutes

Rating on BoardGameGeek: 5.68772

Description: From the publisher:

Hilarious pop culture fun gets a Cranium spin! From Madonna and mullets to moonwalks and Monday Night Football, this party game isn't about what you know, but how you show it.

Here's how it works: Each turn, the opposing team draws a clue card and assigns points to each of the five activity choices, according to how hard they think each one will be. If they pull the "Red Bull" card, they may think drawing it is easy, so they'd give it one point. But acting? Hard. Five points! Now it's up to you to decide: Will you go for the easy points and draw, or go for the big points (and glory) by acting it out?

Each turn you get to choose to act, draw, hum, sculpt, or use letter cubes to get your team to guess the clue. With songs, celebrities, fads, fashions, TV shows, movies, and more, Pop 5 cards include all kinds of fun pop culture clues that span the decades -- and every turn, you get to choose how to get your team to guess!

* Would you act out Iron Chef or draw it?
* Would you rather hum a Spice Girls song or roll the letter cubes to give clues that start with the letters that come up?
* Would you choose to sculpt a Chia Pet out of clay or hum the jingle?

Mechanics: Acting

Categories: Movies/TV/Radio theme, Party Game, Electronic, Music

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