Civilization games often have players developing and managing a society of people. The aim of each player is usually to employ citizens in ways that are beneficial to society, and have them progress throughout the game so that their civilization gains superiority over others. Civilization games may have each player build their society independently, or through warfare and diplomacy, each player may find themselves benefiting or suffering from the actions of others.

Games with mechanic Civilization:

Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar2-442-47.8490
7 Wonders2-743-77.8130
Race for the Galaxy2-42,42-47.7330
Roll for the Galaxy2-53-42-57.6845
The Settlers of Catan3-443-47.5390
The Seafarers of Catan3-643-47.0690
Starfarers of Catan3-43-43-46.76120
Settlers of America: Trails to Rails3-443-46.52120

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